Avoid Star Wars the Old Republic

It’s one thing to have a game with bugs. But when Bioware makes an automated Customer Service Agent and name it M0-T0 they should make sure it’s working properly. But to ban people who speak against the buggy automated system under rules for real humans, that’s when they show they lost all touch of reality.

There are much better games out there with better customer service. It’s no wonder that this game lost 3/4 of their subs shortly after launch and was forced to go free to play just to survive. But they have constantly shown that they don’t even want to try to keep the subscriber base with the way they treat them. One can’t mention the problems or gets banned for doing so.

Some bugs with this game has been around since beta. I could list them all but I’d be here all day and frankly the game is not even worth it.

MalwareBytes and CCleaner might fix your infections

First off, this is not a 100% cure everything that can infect your Windows machines. It will however fix a majority of them. You will need two free programs.

First is MalwareBytes (http://www.malwarebytes.org/) and you can just use the free version. Paid version has the always on scanner which if you have a good or decent anti-virus will already have a shield up.

The second program is CCleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds). I put the URL for the builds page because it normally will have the portable (for USB flash drive use in case you need to take to another machine to run it) and the Slim version for installing without any unnecessary toolbar or anything. If the Slim version is not on the builds page means a new version was recently released and the Slim build will be made in a few days. Once again, the free version is all that’s necessary for cleaning out infections.

After installing these programs and updating MalwareBytes, you will need to run a scan with MalwareBytes. And what it finds after the scan, you can have it clean it off your machine. Then run CCleaner to clean out the temp files. A lot of infections nowadays hide in the temp area. Then have CCleaner check your registry under Tools. Before it makes changes to your registry, it will ask to back up the registry and I would recommend letting CCleaner back up your registry before changing. If it finds registry errors, you may have to do the registry scan again a few times until it says it’s completely fixed.

You may have to do this in Safe Mode depending on infection.

MalwareBytes full system scan can take a while to run. CCleaner normally is very quick in comparison. Now if you do the above but run CCleaner first so you can walk away from MalwareBytes scan, then a lot of times you can do that. Again, depends on the infection but it’s not a step 1 then go to step 2 as they can be swapped in most cases. I just like doing MalwareBytes first because it’s designed for cleaning infections and some reinfect pretty face once the file is cleaned. So depends on the infection if running CCleaner first is fine or not.

This post is really to inform people to get these programs and have them available when needed.

Microsoft Windows 8.1

It went live!

First machine chugged along with a 3 hour update. After all that time, not impressed. Next machine went through it in an hour. Weird thing is the second machine is a lot weaker than the first. So no idea why it took 3 times the time. However, all the things that were added so far have been kind of meh to me. I wasn’t missing the start button like so many others since the start screen was just a bigger version is how I saw it. But most everything I did in Windows 8 has been on the desktop anyhow. So the boot to desktop part was a nice addition.

To boot to the desktop, right-click the taskbar from the desktop and choose Properties. Select the fourth one down which starts with “When I sign in…”.  Next time you boot, you go to the desktop.

Microsoft pushed out a start button so to speak but it’s not what it used to be. Sort of makes me wonder if Microsoft just did it to say it has a start button now.

The search is nice but I could have continued without the new search everywhere.


And also changed from Movable to WordPress. Just FYI.

Secure your passwords

It’s best to have secure passwords for your internet banking, your online gaming, your web sites, — well, you get the idea. Basically for everything you do online.

A nice program that helps that is KeePass. You can get it at www.keepass.info which is the official site. Why I like KeePass over others? Others out there will store your passwords on the cloud. Now, what if you can’t access the internet or their site goes down? You’re stuck.

What if they get hacked? That would be bad.

KeePass your database is stored wherever you like it to be. You want it stored on your own computer? Fine. You want it stored on your cloud storage? Fine. Basically you choose where it’s stored.

It will help you generate a strong password by whatever settings you want. And you don’t have to remember all the passwords. Just your master password you set up to access your password database then double click the hidden password. It copies it to your copy/paste temporary cache for 12 seconds. You then cntrl-V for pasting it in your password before the 12 seconds end.

Now you have to know the limits a place allows for password length. Like it seems GuildWars 2 has no limit so you can set the length for whatever. Another game I use it for does have a limit so when you set up the password generated, it will cut it short. So find out the length allowed for each site when using KeePass to generate a password for you.

Windows 8.1 Preview Won’t Be Here


I will not touch the preview of Windows 8.1. The reason is because I’d have to reinstall all my applications when it goes live later this year. I can have the patience to wait.


The boot to desktop is one of the big “selling points” of 8.1. I’m not one that hates the start screen to be honest. I’m used to it now. All the “there is no start button” people don’t seem to grasp that the menu is the button with a lot of clutter and stuff. Which is something else 8.1 is supposed to address by the way.


I haven’t heard if the sign off screen with that kindergarten type Seattle painting is able to be changed without having to trick 8 into thinking different pictures are that god awful painting. No, I am not referring to the lock screen that can easily be changed in Personalize. Changing it there does not change the sign off one. May be one day I will post how to change it but I’m hoping 8.1 does it for the people by itself.

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Windows Essentials 2012


I haven’t posted in a long time. A very long time. However, I am not trying to make my Windows Essentials 2012 work with this blog.


It’s a free download from Microsoft. It’s touted as having things Windows 8 is missing for a full experience.


If this works with self-hosted solutions like I use here, then I will probably be more regular in the future.

GuildWars 2 Launch Woes

The headstart for GW2 happens today. Some time. Well it was supposed to happen at 3am Eastern according to the web site. However, it actually happened 3 hours earlier or more.

That kind of ninja tactic ArenaNet has done throughout the launch process of GuildWars 2.

Let’s look at the stress tests that were *SUPPOSED* to be used to help a smooth launch. They did them in the middle of the weekdays and only a couple of hours. How did people know about these tests? No e-mails, no posting on their own site, no… you had to stumble upon their Facebook or Twitter page. One of the last “stress tests”, I powered up the client to update in prep for launch and got the error about no event at that time. No problem, I didn’t expect one. However 3 hours later, I go on Twitter to see that 2 hours ago GW2 tweeted “stress test in an hour”. How long was that test? 1 F’n hour!

Now the servers can’t handle the stress. Gee, not surprised at all. Weak stress tests equals weak servers. ArenaNet is showing how NOT to do stress testing before launch. Good job.

If GuildWars2 had this kind of launch with a good stress testing method, then no problem. Every new game has server issues at launch pretty much. It’s the dumb stress testing method ArenaNet did that compounds this issue and puts the blame squarely on them. They were ill-prepared for this. So again, let me repeat *BAD SERVER LAUNCHES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME*!!!!! It happened with SWTOR but as much as Bioware screwed the pooch there, they did better stress testing by actually trying to stress the servers. ArenaNet just tried to “whisper” at the server during their so-called stress tests.

And where — oh where — was the open beta period to really put stress on the servers? I’ll tell you were it was — NEVER, NEVER LAND. ArenaNet must have believed in Peter Pan thinking it would work with the beta process they put forth to be smooth. They even limited the stress tests to those who prepurchased the game only. WHAT?

All other gaming companies, learn from this. When it’s time to stress the servers, do just that — STRESS THE SERVERS! Don’t just give out a ninja 1 or 2 hour playtime to people who happen to be home in the middle of a weekday and also happen to check your Twitter or Facebook page. Not EVERYONE SPENDS 24 HOURS A DAY ON THOSE BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

nVidia Driver and Firefox Issues

Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen issues with both nVidia’s 280.26 driver as well as Firefox having problems.

First and foremost, if you use nVidia graphics cards, you may want to go back to an older driver. nVidia in their wisdom — or lack of it — put out a driver that supposedly increased performance when in actuality all it did was force an overclock of the card with increasing voltage to said card.
Anytime you overclock, you run the risk of ruining a component. So why nVidia felt doing this as a “driver update” in disguise is beyond me. People should CHOOSE if they want to overclock anything. Let me say it again — PEOPLE SHOULD CHOOSE IF THEY WANT TO OVERCLOCK ANYTHING. People have been reporting and I’ve seen it myself of random black screens, lockups, and a host of other issues with these drivers.

Which brings me to another issue with Firefox. How can they be related? They aren’t exactly but hunting around to see if nVidia fixed their issue after a month, I found a bit of information with a Firefox issue. The last few versions of Firefox had a issue with randomly going “not responding” then coming back. Just randomly doing it.

Then stumbled upon a possible solution to that when someone said to try this to fix nVidia’s issue. It didn’t work for fixing nVidia’s 280 driver with Firefox because that is just a FAILED driver period. However the suggestion seems to have helped Firefox random not responding issue so far.

In Firefox go to Options then Advanced Options. On the General tab you will see a “use hardware acceleration when available” box. UNCHECK that box and restart Firefox.

Video RAM Question and Sony’s Make Good Offer

The question came up about video memory and does too many desktop items use too much? Well, this answer I see gets either a yes or no around the web. But I feel it’s yes and no because depends on what we’re speaking about. If you just have your desktop filled to the rim with SHORTCUTS — let me repeat that again SHORTCUTS — then the answer is no. Shortcuts are very small files and unless you are using video cards made in 1992, you’re good.  However, some people put actual files there and even have install programs sitting there. Those can eat up some of your video memory. Best idea would be to move them off of your desktop then create shortcuts to them if they are really necessary to have access to or if you just have to find them on the fly frequently. Like a lot of times I will have the Linux distro’s ISO file there which can be a few gigs. I know, that’s bad.

I have tried to stay out of the Sony hacked issue but they are trying to make good. How good? Well if you ever played one of their games on PC that was online, you will get free time if you try to log in now to claim it. Even a person I know who only beta tested DC Universe Online but never bought the game is now playing for free due to this make good offer. So anybody who even beta tested a Sony game can now play for free. Now how I originally found out is once the situation happened, I tried to log in to my DC account since I just bought the game at launch but never paid any additional time after that. I tried almost everyday but they wouldn’t let you. I wanted to delete all my information that I could. Until the day it came back up and then I noticed I could play again.

The Last Entry Updated

UPDATE:  The offer has changed on Xbox’s site. It’s now buy 3
months get 1 month free. So if you missed it a few hours ago, sorry to
hear that. I guess Microsoft noticed people buying multiple months.

If you missed out on the 5 months for 5 dollars deal you can still do the buy 3 get 1 free.

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