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Secure your passwords

It’s best to have secure passwords for your internet banking, your online gaming, your web sites, — well, you get the idea. Basically for everything you do online. A nice program that helps that is KeePass. You can get it at which is the official site. Why I like KeePass over others? Others out […]

Windows 8.1 Preview Won’t Be Here

  I will not touch the preview of Windows 8.1. The reason is because I’d have to reinstall all my applications when it goes live later this year. I can have the patience to wait.   The boot to desktop is one of the big “selling points” of 8.1. I’m not one that hates the […]

Windows Essentials 2012

  I haven’t posted in a long time. A very long time. However, I am not trying to make my Windows Essentials 2012 work with this blog.   It’s a free download from Microsoft. It’s touted as having things Windows 8 is missing for a full experience.   If this works with self-hosted solutions like […]

GuildWars 2 Launch Woes

The headstart for GW2 happens today. Some time. Well it was supposed to happen at 3am Eastern according to the web site. However, it actually happened 3 hours earlier or more. That kind of ninja tactic ArenaNet has done throughout the launch process of GuildWars 2. Let’s look at the stress tests that were *SUPPOSED* […]

nVidia Driver and Firefox Issues

Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen issues with both nVidia’s 280.26 driver as well as Firefox having problems. First and foremost, if you use nVidia graphics cards, you may want to go back to an older driver. nVidia in their wisdom — or lack of it — put out a driver that supposedly […]

Video RAM Question and Sony’s Make Good Offer

The question came up about video memory and does too many desktop items use too much? Well, this answer I see gets either a yes or no around the web. But I feel it’s yes and no because depends on what we’re speaking about. If you just have your desktop filled to the rim with […]

The Last Entry Updated

UPDATE:  The offer has changed on Xbox’s site. It’s now buy 3 months get 1 month free. So if you missed it a few hours ago, sorry to hear that. I guess Microsoft noticed people buying multiple months. If you missed out on the 5 months for 5 dollars deal you can still do the […]

Xbox Live For $1 Special Plus Added Tweet Function Here

Image via Wikipedia For the gamers out there or anyone who pays for a gamer using Xbox Live, you can get up to 5 months for the low price of $1 per month. You can go to the Xbox site at Xbox Live Special Price and do this up to 5 times before it will […]

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Now Available Image via Wikipedia Windows 7 and Server 2008 now has a service pack available for download.

Tweet in Klingon

Image via Wikipedia It’s been a while. Sorry. Things came up. Tweet In Klingon This is not exactly a tech news. Basically this site will let you tweet in Klingon like from Star Trek. Now others on your following list might wonder what you are saying though but there will be a translation link for […]

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