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Windows 7

I have used Windows 7 beta, the RC, and now the RTM version of Windows 7. If you used the beta and/or RC, there is a way to update to the RTM if it’s that important to you. Now if it isn’t then do a clean install. And for this to work, you will need […]

Old School Gaming

Here’s the promised post finally. Are you old enough to remember Space Invaders? Some will answer yes and others will answer no. Are you old enough to remember Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man? Same as above. Do you remember Mortal Kombat? Now, those who answered no, how about Marvel vs. Capcom? King of Fighters 2003? If […]

Windows Presentation Silent Install… FAIL

Special Update: Microsoft did an “update” to version 3.5 .net framework that silent installs a plug-in into Firefox without even saying a word. This update crashes Firefox. And you can’t use the add-on area of FF to uninstall it. You will have to delete a dll file to fix this. MS did a sneaky install […]


Last time I promised to talk about old school arcade gaming. That post will probably be pushed back to next week. I thought the world was rid of this annoying advertisements on TV until I saw one this morning on ESPN2. First the ad does point out the free scan does require a purchase. It’s […]


My widescreen LCD monitor started acting up a little while back. First it had horizontal lines running from top to bottom. They would go away as the monitor went through the day but would return the following day when I turned it on. Then a couple of weeks ago, the monitor was hard to start […]

Welcome to Stunbolts Tech

Welcome to Stunbolts Tech. This site will be all about technology. Look for more technology postings very soon.

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