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Web Hosting Price Drop

Today there was a drop in price with my web host of several years HomeWeb X. Also now you can use the promo code of “stunbolts” and even get a discount on your monthly web hosting that will stay for as long as you keep your account. This isn’t just for one-time discount. This also […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta I have looked over the so-called top 10 reasons to get Office 2010. And for the life of me, I can’t get excited about any of them to the point I’d pay to upgrade from Office 2007. The biggest feature I would be excited about maybe the ability to work online. However, seen it […]

5.1 surround sound help with Windows 7

I am posting this about getting surround sound music in Windows 7 and this could probably work with Vista. If you are using a motherboard that uses some built-in sound and you installed the drivers from the manufacturer’s website, you may notice there is no way for you to get surround sound. But here’s how […]

Firefox 3.5.5

Firefox web browser has a new update. 3.5.5 is a stability update mostly. You can download the new Firefox from Mozilla Firefox’s official site. For those who only use Internet Explorer (Windows users) or Safari (Apple users), Firefox is a cross platform browser. Safari does have a Windows version of course now.

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