Video RAM Question and Sony’s Make Good Offer

The question came up about video memory and does too many desktop items use too much? Well, this answer I see gets either a yes or no around the web. But I feel it’s yes and no because depends on what we’re speaking about. If you just have your desktop filled to the rim with SHORTCUTS — let me repeat that again SHORTCUTS — then the answer is no. Shortcuts are very small files and unless you are using video cards made in 1992, you’re good.  However, some people put actual files there and even have install programs sitting there. Those can eat up some of your video memory. Best idea would be to move them off of your desktop then create shortcuts to them if they are really necessary to have access to or if you just have to find them on the fly frequently. Like a lot of times I will have the Linux distro’s ISO file there which can be a few gigs. I know, that’s bad.

I have tried to stay out of the Sony hacked issue but they are trying to make good. How good? Well if you ever played one of their games on PC that was online, you will get free time if you try to log in now to claim it. Even a person I know who only beta tested DC Universe Online but never bought the game is now playing for free due to this make good offer. So anybody who even beta tested a Sony game can now play for free. Now how I originally found out is once the situation happened, I tried to log in to my DC account since I just bought the game at launch but never paid any additional time after that. I tried almost everyday but they wouldn’t let you. I wanted to delete all my information that I could. Until the day it came back up and then I noticed I could play again.

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