nVidia Driver and Firefox Issues

Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen issues with both nVidia’s 280.26 driver as well as Firefox having problems.

First and foremost, if you use nVidia graphics cards, you may want to go back to an older driver. nVidia in their wisdom — or lack of it — put out a driver that supposedly increased performance when in actuality all it did was force an overclock of the card with increasing voltage to said card.
Anytime you overclock, you run the risk of ruining a component. So why nVidia felt doing this as a “driver update” in disguise is beyond me. People should CHOOSE if they want to overclock anything. Let me say it again — PEOPLE SHOULD CHOOSE IF THEY WANT TO OVERCLOCK ANYTHING. People have been reporting and I’ve seen it myself of random black screens, lockups, and a host of other issues with these drivers.

Which brings me to another issue with Firefox. How can they be related? They aren’t exactly but hunting around to see if nVidia fixed their issue after a month, I found a bit of information with a Firefox issue. The last few versions of Firefox had a issue with randomly going “not responding” then coming back. Just randomly doing it.

Then stumbled upon a possible solution to that when someone said to try this to fix nVidia’s issue. It didn’t work for fixing nVidia’s 280 driver with Firefox because that is just a FAILED driver period. However the suggestion seems to have helped Firefox random not responding issue so far.

In Firefox go to Options then Advanced Options. On the General tab you will see a “use hardware acceleration when available” box. UNCHECK that box and restart Firefox.

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