GuildWars 2 Launch Woes

The headstart for GW2 happens today. Some time. Well it was supposed to happen at 3am Eastern according to the web site. However, it actually happened 3 hours earlier or more.

That kind of ninja tactic ArenaNet has done throughout the launch process of GuildWars 2.

Let’s look at the stress tests that were *SUPPOSED* to be used to help a smooth launch. They did them in the middle of the weekdays and only a couple of hours. How did people know about these tests? No e-mails, no posting on their own site, no… you had to stumble upon their Facebook or Twitter page. One of the last “stress tests”, I powered up the client to update in prep for launch and got the error about no event at that time. No problem, I didn’t expect one. However 3 hours later, I go on Twitter to see that 2 hours ago GW2 tweeted “stress test in an hour”. How long was that test? 1 F’n hour!

Now the servers can’t handle the stress. Gee, not surprised at all. Weak stress tests equals weak servers. ArenaNet is showing how NOT to do stress testing before launch. Good job.

If GuildWars2 had this kind of launch with a good stress testing method, then no problem. Every new game has server issues at launch pretty much. It’s the dumb stress testing method ArenaNet did that compounds this issue and puts the blame squarely on them. They were ill-prepared for this. So again, let me repeat *BAD SERVER LAUNCHES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME*!!!!! It happened with SWTOR but as much as Bioware screwed the pooch there, they did better stress testing by actually trying to stress the servers. ArenaNet just tried to “whisper” at the server during their so-called stress tests.

And where — oh where — was the open beta period to really put stress on the servers? I’ll tell you were it was — NEVER, NEVER LAND. ArenaNet must have believed in Peter Pan thinking it would work with the beta process they put forth to be smooth. They even limited the stress tests to those who prepurchased the game only. WHAT?

All other gaming companies, learn from this. When it’s time to stress the servers, do just that — STRESS THE SERVERS! Don’t just give out a ninja 1 or 2 hour playtime to people who happen to be home in the middle of a weekday and also happen to check your Twitter or Facebook page. Not EVERYONE SPENDS 24 HOURS A DAY ON THOSE BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

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