Windows 8.1 Preview Won’t Be Here


I will not touch the preview of Windows 8.1. The reason is because I’d have to reinstall all my applications when it goes live later this year. I can have the patience to wait.


The boot to desktop is one of the big “selling points” of 8.1. I’m not one that hates the start screen to be honest. I’m used to it now. All the “there is no start button” people don’t seem to grasp that the menu is the button with a lot of clutter and stuff. Which is something else 8.1 is supposed to address by the way.


I haven’t heard if the sign off screen with that kindergarten type Seattle painting is able to be changed without having to trick 8 into thinking different pictures are that god awful painting. No, I am not referring to the lock screen that can easily be changed in Personalize. Changing it there does not change the sign off one. May be one day I will post how to change it but I’m hoping 8.1 does it for the people by itself.

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