Secure your passwords

It’s best to have secure passwords for your internet banking, your online gaming, your web sites, — well, you get the idea. Basically for everything you do online.

A nice program that helps that is KeePass. You can get it at which is the official site. Why I like KeePass over others? Others out there will store your passwords on the cloud. Now, what if you can’t access the internet or their site goes down? You’re stuck.

What if they get hacked? That would be bad.

KeePass your database is stored wherever you like it to be. You want it stored on your own computer? Fine. You want it stored on your cloud storage? Fine. Basically you choose where it’s stored.

It will help you generate a strong password by whatever settings you want. And you don’t have to remember all the passwords. Just your master password you set up to access your password database then double click the hidden password. It copies it to your copy/paste temporary cache for 12 seconds. You then cntrl-V for pasting it in your password before the 12 seconds end.

Now you have to know the limits a place allows for password length. Like it seems GuildWars 2 has no limit so you can set the length for whatever. Another game I use it for does have a limit so when you set up the password generated, it will cut it short. So find out the length allowed for each site when using KeePass to generate a password for you.

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