Microsoft Windows 8.1

It went live!

First machine chugged along with a 3 hour update. After all that time, not impressed. Next machine went through it in an hour. Weird thing is the second machine is a lot weaker than the first. So no idea why it took 3 times the time. However, all the things that were added so far have been kind of meh to me. I wasn’t missing the start button like so many others since the start screen was just a bigger version is how I saw it. But most everything I did in Windows 8 has been on the desktop anyhow. So the boot to desktop part was a nice addition.

To boot to the desktop, right-click the taskbar from the desktop and choose Properties. Select the fourth one down which starts with “When I sign in…”.  Next time you boot, you go to the desktop.

Microsoft pushed out a start button so to speak but it’s not what it used to be. Sort of makes me wonder if Microsoft just did it to say it has a start button now.

The search is nice but I could have continued without the new search everywhere.


And also changed from Movable to WordPress. Just FYI.

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