MalwareBytes and CCleaner might fix your infections

First off, this is not a 100% cure everything that can infect your Windows machines. It will however fix a majority of them. You will need two free programs.

First is MalwareBytes ( and you can just use the free version. Paid version has the always on scanner which if you have a good or decent anti-virus will already have a shield up.

The second program is CCleaner ( I put the URL for the builds page because it normally will have the portable (for USB flash drive use in case you need to take to another machine to run it) and the Slim version for installing without any unnecessary toolbar or anything. If the Slim version is not on the builds page means a new version was recently released and the Slim build will be made in a few days. Once again, the free version is all that’s necessary for cleaning out infections.

After installing these programs and updating MalwareBytes, you will need to run a scan with MalwareBytes. And what it finds after the scan, you can have it clean it off your machine. Then run CCleaner to clean out the temp files. A lot of infections nowadays hide in the temp area. Then have CCleaner check your registry under Tools. Before it makes changes to your registry, it will ask to back up the registry and I would recommend letting CCleaner back up your registry before changing. If it finds registry errors, you may have to do the registry scan again a few times until it says it’s completely fixed.

You may have to do this in Safe Mode depending on infection.

MalwareBytes full system scan can take a while to run. CCleaner normally is very quick in comparison. Now if you do the above but run CCleaner first so you can walk away from MalwareBytes scan, then a lot of times you can do that. Again, depends on the infection but it’s not a step 1 then go to step 2 as they can be swapped in most cases. I just like doing MalwareBytes first because it’s designed for cleaning infections and some reinfect pretty face once the file is cleaned. So depends on the infection if running CCleaner first is fine or not.

This post is really to inform people to get these programs and have them available when needed.

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